Diamond Heat Spreaders

Among all materials diamond exhibits the highest thermal conductivity. It amounts up to 2000 W/mK which is by a factor of five higher than that of copper. Hence it is not surprising, that diamond has found increasing interest in thermal management. In particular if electrical isolation is required, diamond heatspreaders and heatsinks offer unbeatable performance.

Diamond Materials provides CVD diamond heat spreaders in various shapes. A well adherent metallization allows the direct soldering of electronic components for optimum thermal contact.

In addition to the standard heat spreaders Diamond Materials offers those with

  • lithographically patterned metallization
  • electrical isolation between top and bottom metallization
  • stress relieving slits for stress free mounting
  • Specifications and options:

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    "Thermal Qualität" (thermal conductivity >1800 W/mK)


    down to 0.5 mm


    100 - 500 µm depending on the lateral dimension of the heat source


    flatness, roughness according to your requirements


    Gold layers with excellent adhesion and wetting properties. Solder layers (AuSn or In) upon request. Patterning using lithography or shadow masks upon request

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