Diamond Microwave and Terahertz Windows

Microwave beams generated by high-power gyrotron tubes are nowadays used to heat the plasma in magnetically confined fusion reactors. Power levels exceeding 1 MW cw have been demonstrated. A key component of these gyrotron tubes and of microwave transmission lines are diamond windows which are capable of handling these high power densities.

Fraunhofer IAF and Diamond Materials have demonstrated the manufacturing of large area windows with very low dielectric losses. These windows have been successively used for high-power applications e.g. by FZK Karlsruhe and others.

  • Specifications and options:

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    "Dielectric grade", Loss tangens < 10-5, thermal conductivity > 1800 W/mK


    Both sides polished


    3" or 80 mm, larger sizes on request


    0.3 - 1.8 mm, perfect thickness uniformity

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