Diamond Laser Windows for CO2 Lasers

The exit window of CO2 laser systems conventionally consists of ZnSe. At high-power levels, however, the residual absorption of ZnSe results in the formation of a thermal lens which strongly affects the beam quality and the position of the laser focus.

In this context CVD diamond laser windows have gained significant importance. Due to the high thermal conductivity, low dn/dT and excellent infrared transparency this material can handle much higher power levels without any deteriorating effect on the laser beam.

  • Specifications and options:

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    Either transmitting window (e.g. diffusion-cooled slab laser) or partially reflecting mirror (e.g. gas flow lasers)

    Optical specifications

    Wave front distortion or surface flatness in terms of the number of interference fringes @633 nm


    "Lasergrade" low absorption CVD diamond


    0.3 - 1.2 mm


    Uncoated or AR/AR

    Size and Shape

    Up to 50 mm; rectangular, circular of elliptical

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