Diamond Liquid Cells

Liquid cells are used for the spectroscopic analysis of liquids. They consist of two windows with well defined spacing. While quartz glass is the common window material in the visible, diamond is the ideal choice for the infrared or even terahertz spectral range. This application benefits from the broadband transparency, extreme chemical inertness and unsurpassed hardness of diamond.

The liquid cell shown on the right hand side is a modified A 145 cell from Bruker Optics in which two CVD diamond windows have been embedded.

Fast temperature modulation

Diamond provides an additional advantage which is very interesting for this application: its unique thermal conductivity. By integrating microheaters and thermal sensors into the window, the temperature of the liquid can be controlled and modulated very fast and precisely. This offers unique possibilities with respect to the time-resolved spectral analysis of thermally driven chemical reactions.

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