CVD Diamond X-Ray Beam Monitors

Conventional X-ray beam position monitors interrupt the X-ray beam and motorized stages are required to move them.

Thin diamond foils, on the other hand side, offer the possibility to realize transparent X-ray beam position monitors that can remain in the beam. This application takes advantage of the fact that diamond is a low-Z material, optically transparent and radiation resistant. By measuring the fluorescence light generated in the foil using a simple CCD camera both, the beam intensity, position and profile can be easily monitored.

An alternative to fluorescence screen monitors are four quadrant photo detectors. They consist of a thin diamond photodetector with four electrodes that are separated by a narrow gap. By evaluation the four photo currents the beam position can be determined with high precision.

  • Specifications and options:

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    Free-standing diamond fluorescence screen


    Defined sub-micron surface roughness that allows light to escape the screen; High-precision reticles


    Optical transparent diamond, doped for increased fluorescence yield


    > 20 µm


    Uncoated or AR/AR


    Up to 75 mm


    rectangular, circular or elliptical

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