Diamond Materials - Vacuum Windows

Diamond Vacuum Windows

Diamond vacuum windows are embedded in UHV conflat vacuum flanges using a hermetic diamond-metal joint optimized for low thermo-mechanical stress and a wide range of operation temperatures.

Their exceptional spectral transparency covering the visible, infrared, terahertz and microwave region make them an ideal choice for multi-spectral applications including synchrotron beam lines and space based spectroscopic systems.

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Available options:
Size up to 50 mm free aperture (typical: 20 mm)
Bakeability standard windows are bakeable to 200-250°C
Wedge for the suppression of interference oscillations. Wedge angle: 0-1° (typical: 0.5°)
Coatings AR-coatings on request
Leak tightness better 1 x 10E-10 atm-cc/sec